Lip Smacking Potato Chivda!!!


Who says Potato is eaten more only in fast. Potato is ever green for all the seasons plus always welcomed by older or younger. Here is one of the recipe tried and tested by me which is very much mouth smacking and easy to make at home. And when it is eaten with coffee my god it is such a heavenly experience of taste. Loved it.

Look at the recipe step by step as below:

20150301_184409Grate the potatoes, wash two three times with clean water, then after put the grated potatoes in one bowl and keep it aside for an hour. I also added some salt in that water. After an hour spread this on one cotton cloth and let it dry overnight as below.



20150302_06181820150302_062833 20150302_06284820150302_06464020150302_06464620150302_064823 20150302_064907 20150302_065048 20150302_065101 20150302_06514220150302_06534120150302_06523020150302_06574120150302_065809In morning fry all the ingredients as above with the grated potatoes ofcourse and then add masala of your choice

I added Salt, sugar powder and mirchi powder.

And your mouth watering Snack is ready to devour.

Note that the same can be baked too if you are heath freak!!! 😛


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