Me: Waiting in a small conference room carpeted, (carpet little mangled), a table, four chairs, one white board and a projector.  My plight in side that small conference room was: little Nervous, aloof from world, skittish and timid.

Super Boss Enters

Super Boss: Hi! I am Yash!!! (Like Naam hi kafi hai types attitude) And yes he should have that he has that power in his voice.

Me: Good afternoon Sir, I am Jahal.

Super Boss : Yes Jahal, Jahal, as if he is trying to be more precise on the pronunciation. You can call me Yash, I am happy to find a lady HR joining manufacturing

Pantry Boy comes with a Coffee

Super Boss: Kyun Aaya tum andar? Donot enter without permission and now stand outside and see if nobody else is coming unless asked to. 

Pantry Boy goes out….

Super Boss: These people donot know the basic etiquettes, Ok. Yes Jahal so I have gone through your resume and all I can say is All the Best and show everyone your calibre, I know you will succeed.

Me: Thank you Sir.

Super Boss: Had Manish seen you?

Me: No, I don’t know?  (With a question on my face. Who is Manish?)

Super Boss : Ok I will ask him to meet you.

And he left.

Me: Again waiting in small room.

And Enters” Chiselled Face, with Spotless skin, almond-shaped eyes, clean-shaven, angular physique, pleated black trouser and light blue Shirt with a slightly confused expression enter a  man about whom this post is dedicated to. (Even while I am tying this line there’s a smile on my face.)


Sir: Hi, (with his right hand towards me) I am Manish.

Me: Good afternoon Sir.

Sir: “Yash” asked me to meet you as he has selected you for our Ankleshwar plant.

Me: Silent.

Sir: I have just joined Sun before 4 days. How many years of experience you have?

Me: More than 12 years of experience.

Sir: Any question?

Me: Blank.

Sir: Thank you. (Left)

Me: Confused what did he ask? Was this a formality? Will I be selected or not?

Finally I got recruited with Sun on 13th April 2016. 14th April 2016 visited Sir (Mr. Manish Sinha – My Favourite) and Mr. Ram Chepuri to our Site when actually I got a chance to talk with Sir.

Boss is boss. You can love him, you can hate him, but there is no way you can brush him aside. He is your boss, the man who runs the show! Good, bad or ugly, a boss is after all the chief! An ineffaceable part of your day-to-day work life, maybe your mentor and even your guide, your boss is someone who can make or break your career in a snap. You may adore your boss for being absolutely understanding (which is rare) and I was luckiest one on this aspect, or clearly despise him for overloading you with tons of work. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget that it is your boss who drives you to excel and unleash the best in you. Just imagine the high of hitting a deadline under a stringent timetable or the joy of accomplishing a task that you never knew you could pull off so well, all thanks to the boss who could see beyond the obvious and pushed you towards excellence. Snappy, easy, or a bundle of nerves, your boss deserves a pat on the back for holding on to the show so well.  Bang on!! Isn’t It? I absolutely agree on this.

Our few conversations

Sir: (On con call ) Hi Manish here.

Me: Sir Good morning Jahal.

Sir: How are you?

Me: I am good sir how about you?

Sir: Very good under your blessings!!

Hahaha this last sentence was sarcastic because just before a day I had put up sarcastic mail. It was obvious and I didn’t mind even. Because I have also experienced him talking so very much like a mentor.

Sometimes he says: Yes my child how are you?

Every time he starts conversation he says: All well? Sab thik hai? Koi issues?

He is kind of boss who actually asks about his own performance to his subordinates.

Which boss does that?

This is my 6th Job I have never met a person (Boss) like him. He is a kind of boss who empowers me with the power of knowledge, motivates me with the best tutelage, and helps me to move ahead with unending inspiration.

I can’t reveal how much I love my boss. It’s difficult to measure.

He appreciates in abundance and when required also declares his antagonize upfront.

“Madam Purohit this break given is for networking and not to check your Whatsapp.”

Hai!!! I am flat yaar on this man. When he says Jahal you are my favourite Child. How I wish!!!!

When he says “So My dear friend You did not even shake hand with me today” (Neki or puchh puchh I was desperately waiting to do so)

My inclination, my love for him is different, it is not infatuation nor attraction or affection, but it is pure and esteems Adoration.

When we were facing acute IR issues he always stood by me. He also stands by me sometimes even when I am wrong because he knows my point is not invalid.

I was given instructions I can anytime call him or message him or mail him. And instantly I start blushing when I get a message from him.

Due to some reasons I was urged to resign, and as soon as he got a mail meaning mail was in my sent box and received a call from him, not only call but he was in Ankleshwar very third day to retain me probably. I was overwhelmed, and honestly I took my resign back just because I respect him and he came all the way from Mumbai to convince me I could not deny.

Dear Boss,

There is no bonus better than just you,
Of more immediate and lasting worth.
This season of glad tidings and great girth
Has resonance in all the good you do.
Even though the turning of the Earth
Brings forth hopes and resolutions new,
Of sovereigns singular and bosses few
Sing only of an annual rebirth,
Songs of gentle hearts and grateful mirth.

Life was so good and one day we got an announcement “I have a new Boss!!” No No No my favourite has not quit from Sun but he will be assisted by the cluster head whom I will be reporting now.

Both visited our plant, and my heart scattered!! However he knew very well I would not have liked me reporting new boss and not him. He advised me for an hour and tried convincing me to be as co- operative to the new boss as I am with him. How can I make him understand it’s just not possible? You have created special image in my mind and heart.

That frame of mind, that telepathy, that oneness, that understanding, that adoring fervid, that zeal never comes with all but one and that is you my boss.

People say you are rude, but I say just shut your mouth; he is straight forward not rude.

Though I too hate Sir when he calls others Fire Brand and not me……………. Hehe.


Noting is Permanent in this world and thus is this story not permanent.  After having one middle man in as a BOSS, contact with the one whom I like is imperceptible. No call, No message, No chat………………. Which I knew it was going to happen someday, when we get new cluster head and new boss but, somehow it will take time to endure this new change.

He keeps so busy with new assignments that he denied to come for my house-warming function even. He is VP how can he come to such a small function. I was so stupid to think even of inviting.

I am and always will be inclined towards you and surmise as

“Kind of Boss YOU are – Tremendous”

“Kind of Leader YOU are – Fabulous”

“Kind of Manager YOU are – Efficient”

“Kind of Trainer YOU are – Proficient”

“Kind of Person YOU are – Extra Ordinary”

How AWESOME I think you are and I hope you can see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are, You will and always remain my favourite J


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